Rigetti Provider for Qiskit


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  1. Install Docker

  2. Download qelib1.inc

  3. Place qelib1.inc in a folder called inc in the project root

Setup QVM and quilc

Using Docker Compose

Run docker compose up to see service logs or docker compose up -d to run in the background.

Using Docker Manually

  1. Start the QVM:

    docker run --rm -it -p 5000:5000 rigetti/qvm -S
  2. Start the compiler:

    docker run --rm -it -p 5555:5555 -v "$PWD"/inc:/inc rigetti/quilc -S -P --safe-include-directory /inc/



from qiskit import execute
from qiskit_rigetti import RigettiQCSProvider, QuilCircuit

# Get provider and backend
p = RigettiQCSProvider()
backend = p.get_simulator(num_qubits=2, noisy=True)  # or p.get_backend(name='Aspen-9')

# Create a Bell state circuit
circuit = QuilCircuit(2, 2)
circuit.cx(0, 1)
circuit.measure([0, 1], [0, 1])

# Execute the circuit on the backend
job = execute(circuit, backend, shots=10)

# Grab results from the job
result = job.result()

# Return memory and counts
memory = result.get_memory(circuit)
counts = result.get_counts(circuit)
print("Result memory:", memory)
print("Result counts:", counts)

Rigetti Quantum Cloud Services (QCS)

Execution against a QPU requires a reservation via QCS. For more information on using QCS, see the QCS documentation.


Lifecycle Hooks

For advanced QASM and Quil manipulation, before_compile and before_execute keyword arguments can be passed to RigettiQCSBackend.run() or to Qiskit’s execute().

Pre-compilation Hooks

Any before_compile hooks will apply, in order, just before compilation from QASM to native Quil. For example:


def custom_hook_1(qasm: str) -> str:
   new_qasm = ...
   return new_qasm

def custom_hook_2(qasm: str) -> str:
   new_qasm = ...
   return new_qasm

job = execute(circuit, backend, shots=10, before_compile=[custom_hook_1, custom_hook_2])


Pre-execution Hooks

Any before_execute hooks will apply, in order, just before execution (after translation from QASM to native Quil). For example:

from pyquil import Program


def custom_hook_1(quil: Program) -> Program:
   new_quil = ...
   return new_quil

def custom_hook_2(quil: Program) -> Program:
   new_quil = ...
   return new_quil

job = execute(circuit, backend, shots=10, before_execute=[custom_hook_1, custom_hook_2])



Only certain forms of Quil can can be executed on a QPU. If pre-execution transformations produce a final program that is not QPU-compliant, ensure_native_quil=True can be passed to execute() or RigettiQCSBackend.run() to recompile the final Quil program to native Quil prior to execution. If no pre-execution hooks were supplied, this setting is ignored. If this setting is omitted, a value of False is assumed.

Example: Adding the Quil instruction H 0 would result in an error if ensure_native_quil=False and the QPU does not natively implement Hadamard gates.

Built-in Hooks

The hooks.pre_compilation and hooks.pre_execution packages provide a number of convenient hooks:


Use set_rewiring to provide a rewiring directive to the Quil compiler. For example:

from qiskit_rigetti.hooks.pre_compilation import set_rewiring


job = execute(circuit, backend, shots=10, before_compile=[set_rewiring("NAIVE")])


Note: Rewiring directives require quilc version 1.25 or higher.


Use enable_active_reset to enable active qubit reset, an optimization that can significantly reduce the time between executions. For example:

from qiskit_rigetti.hooks.pre_execution import enable_active_reset


job = execute(circuit, backend, shots=10, before_execute=[enable_active_reset])